Beeswax Natural Owl, Owl on Branch, Black & White Owl Cube Candles  20 hour burntime

Beeswax Bear Hugs & Cute Moose Pyramid Candles

$18.00 ~ 51 hour burntime

Beeswax is a natural renewable wax produced in the bee hives of honey bees.  It's clean, natural honey scent with no additives makes it a purely hypoallergenic candle.   

Bees bring delicious nectar and pollen into the hives which stains the honeycomb to an amazing golden color and I think nothing could be more natural than a wax made by perfect little bees that contribute to the balance of so much on Earth.

Beeswax Candle Light 

Tapers ~ Pillars ~ Pyramids ~ Cubes

Beeswax Tapers ~ 5 hour burn time ~ $9.00 

Pillar wrapped with detailed of my favorites!

8.5 ounce Candle is 4" high and 2.5" wide

Beeswax Tapers snuggled inside Beeswax Fabric and tied with Beeswax buttons ~ $18.00

keep wicks trimmed and out of drafts for hours of natural dripless candlelight

Tall Square Tapers - 20+ hour burn time ~ $26.00

Tall Round Tapers - 9 hour burn time - $15.00