Items Include: 

• A Cloth to gather your favorite items
• Lavender Essential oil blend roll-on for aromatherapy 

• A Small Bowl to add Water, Herbs, Flowers or your own meaningful item
• A 7 Stone Harmony Bag - each stone holds a different energy 
• A hand poured Beeswax Little Cube of Light Candle, topped with beeswax flowers and wrapped in a bit of leather to light and remind you that a Wonderful Light also exists within you!

Items are gathered together in handmade cotton drawstring bags

Listen to your Intuition and add your own elements!


Sacred Space Creation offers a few elements as a starting point to begin creating your sacred space.  Each day, find a few minutes to give ask for set your intentions and to connect to your Spirit within.  When the mind is quiet...answers will come forth.  

Learn to listen to your most subtle thoughts.  I believe they have the greatest meaning.  My hope is for you to begin to know and love the Spirit of who you feel that you exist for a great purpose and to know that your thoughts, intentions and prayers have meaning. 

Wishing you peaceful, blissful meditation