The perfect balance of Soy wax & pure Essential oils

Choose a Fern, Feathers, Heart Leaf, Four Leaf

Delicate Leaf, Oak Leaf, Dream or Peace

Lavender, Lemongrass, blended Clove, Lime & Vanilla

30 hour burn time

I love a dual purpose product.  After enjoying the aromatherapy, simply wipe out the remaining soy wax, toss in the dishwasher and use as a beautiful glass for your orange juice in the morning and as your favorite glass for cocktail hour! 

Beeswax Tea Lights with Snowflakes and Heart toppers 
Each box arrives with 2 Beeswax, 2 Lavender & 2 Lemongrass Tea Lights

Etched Tea Light Holders pair perfectly with our 
Boxed Tea Lights 

Etching Magically appears with Candlelight

What is painted on the top is also etched into the glass and magically apears with Candlelight!

If  you're in the Weaverville/Asheville area these jars are available to be refilled.  Simply clean thoroughly and bring into the Bee Light Candle Cafe - 14 N. Main Street, Weaverville