The perfect balance of Soy wax & pure Essential oils

Etching Magically appears with CandleLight ~ What is painted on the top is also etched into the glass.  

Choose a Fern, Feathers, Heart Leaf, Four Leaf

Delicate Leaf, Oak Leaf, Dream or Peace

Lavender, Lemongrass, blended Clove, Lime & Vanilla

30 hour burn time

Etched Tea Light Holders pair perfectly with our 
Boxed Tea Lights 

Thankfully due to less littering, sea glass is becoming rare, so we've added a recycled piece of colored glass to each light color turquoise candle jar, that has been tumbled to match the natural look of beautifully aged natural sea glass!

I love a dual purpose product.  Mason Jars can be used for future storage containers, Etched Jars are beautiful empty to be used as a glass and Square Jars can be used as the perfect little vase!  After enjoying the aromatherapy, simply wipe out remaining soy wax, toss in the dishwasher and repurpose!

Beeswax Tea Lights with Snowflakes and Heart toppers

Due to new 2018 FDA regulations regarding partially hydrogenated oils (PHO's), our  Soy supplier is reformulating all Ecosoya waxes.  This process was to be complete by the end of 1st quarter 2017 but has taken much longer than expected and as of August 2017 the new wax is still not available.   Once the new formula is on the market, since it will be a completely different type of wax, we will be testing each jar size, wick and essential oil we offer to make sure it burns and offers a wonderful scent.


We are already in the process of testing a few alternative options but at this time we are no longer able to offer Soy wax in jars which makes us very sad.  Please check back for updates.  Thanks for your patience.  

Turquoise Color Jars with Star Top or Copper Cover Jars with a Spiral or a Dragonfly 

Due to Soy wax availability issues, each votive will arrive with a Beeswax Tea Light
Due to Soy wax availability issues,
all tea lights will be made with Beeswax